First off, I would like to thank all the participants in our 10 Week Challenge. We were able to witness some great results firsthand of the hard work that goes into “Optimizing One’s Health”. When I say Congratulations Winners, that includes everyone involved because we all worked hard to achieve our final numbers. We are proud to say the total pounds lost during the Challenge was 279!! Here are some of the pictures and results from the 2016 Challenge.



10 Week Challenge Male- Body Fat % Loss Winner!!

Here is our Male co-winner of the Body fat % loss Category in our 10 Week Challenge!! Bryce lost 17.2 lbs which was 7.5% of his total weight. He also lost 3% body fat which had him tie for the win. Here are the before and after pics along with the celebratory Rocky pose ?. Great job Bryce!!






10 Week Challenge Female- Percentage of Weight Lost Winner!!

Debbie lost 7 lbs which was 5.6% of her total weight! The fact that she won proves that its not only the people who have a lot weight to lose win in the category of percentage of weight loss. She also lost 1.5% body fat in the process. Thank you Debbie for your hard work!






10 Week Challenge Male- Percentage of Weight Loss Winner!!

Lon lost 10.2 % of his total weight which was a total of 21 lbs! In our10 Week Challenge he also managed to lose 3% body fat as well to be Co- Winner of the Body Fat Loss category. Huge congratulations to Lon on a job well done!!






10 Week Challenge Female- Weight Loss Winner!!

Candice was our weight loss champion in the Women’s category. She lost a total of 15 lbs which was 5% of her total weight. She demonstrated strict discipline in getting those extra days of cardio work in along with avoiding Dr. Pepper :). Great job Candice!!






10 Week Challenge Male- Weight Loss Winner!!

Dave lost a total of 29 lbs during our 10 Week Challenge! That was 9.8% of his total weight leaving him second in the men’s division for that category. He made it a point to be in the gym everyday and watch his diet in the strictest manner. He was our overall winner in weight lost with all of our categories. Great job Dave!






10 Week Challenge Female- Body Fat Lost Winner!!

Diane was our big winner in the body Fat lost category. She managed to lose 2.2 % during our challenge. She has lost 20 lbs since she began working out with us. Way to go Diane!! Thank you for being a great example to all your peers on being consistent with your strength training!