We had the best weight loss challenge of our history this year, in 8 weeks everyone in the challenge at TFI lost over 200 lbs combined weight! The winners came down to the wire and it was an impressive competition!

Mens 1st Place Winner!

Manny! Lost 25.6 lbs. and 8.98% of his total body weight.
Thats 6% lower body fat in 8 weeks!

Manny won an entire month of free personal training sessions! Congrats!

2013 Winner Manny-front

2013 Winner Manny-side

2013 Winner Manny-after with certificate

Womens 1st Place Winner

Lisa! Lost 9.4 lbs. and 6.7% of her total body weight.

2013 Winner Lisa-front

Mens 2nd Place Winner

Vito! Lost 30 lbs! and 8.86% of his total body weight.
The most weight lost in the challenge! 2nd highest % of weight lost.

2013 Winner Vito-front

2013 Winner Vito-side

Womens 2nd Place Winner

Christina! Lost 9.4 lbs. and 4% of her total body weight!

2013 Winner Christina-front

2013 Winner Christina-side

Mens 3rd Place Winner

Lon! Lost 17 lbs. and 8% of his total body weight.
Thats 4% lower total body fat in 8 weeks!

2013 Winner Lon-front

2013 Winner Lon-side