The Fitness Institute Arrowhead Phone: (623) 825-1699
20329 N. 59th Ave. Suite A-6
Glendale, AZ 85308

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Congratulations to the winners of our 8 week weight loss challenge!
Welcome to the Fitness Institute
At the Fitness Institute Arrowhead, We serve a wide range of individuals from adolescents already struggling with weight who wish to change the course of their lives to elderly clientele who are most concerned about maintaining bone density, mobility, health and vitality. However, the majority of our clientele fall within the 30-60 range. With the primary concerns of losing weight and regaining fitness while promoting good health.
Personalized Nutrition Plan
Based upon one's personal needs and goals, the nutrition plan also takes into consideration any medications and / or conditions and is modified to account for special circumstances, as needed.

Personalized Exercise Program
Exercise program design is based upon current health and fitness level with consideration for any past / present injuries, medical conditions and / or postural imbalances. All exercise sessions are monitored by a personal trainer.

Progress Tracking
Trainers track each client's progress and programs are modified regularly. This feature serves the purposes of both maintaining and effective approach and providing accountability for our clientele.

Professional. Semi-Private Environment
The Fitness Institute Arrowhead is not an open gym. There are no crowds, no long waits to use the equipment and the environment is pleasant and comfortable for clients at any level of fitness.

  • Metabolism rate decreases by 15-20% throughout one's lifetime?
  • Approximately 2-3% of lean body mass (e.g., muscle) is lost per decade?
  • Bone loss begins around age 40 in women (slightly later in men)?
  • Prescription medications can deplete the body of certain nutrients?
  • Changes in the stomach with age can decrease nutrient absorption?
  • Overall food intake requirement decreases with age, but requirements for protein, vitamins and minerals remain the same or increase?


Home Testimonials Meet our trainers Facilities Awards Contact us and location
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